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Social media statistics overwhelmingly demonstrate the need for educators to use online communication tools to reach students. Over 85 percent of students have laptops, 65 percent have two email addresses, and 42 percent use the Internet to connect socially.

Our YouTube industry videos are ready for you to download and send to your students. Save valuable time and energy with our creative options for sharing information with your students in ways that they can connect to.

Click below to view videos from our library.

Careers in Accounting

Accounting Careers

Careers in Agriculture

Agriculture Careers

Careers in Business Management

Business Management Careers

Careers in Child Development

Child Development Careers

Careers in Computer Information Systems

Computer Information Systems Careers

Careers in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Careers

Green: Energy Efficiency Careers Video

Energy Efficiency Careers

Careers in Fashion

Fashion Careers

Careers in Interior Design

Interior Design Careers

Careers in Hospitality

Hospitality Careers

Healthcare: Medical Imaging Video

Medical Imaging Careers

Careers in Mobile Media

Mobile Media Careers

Careers in Nutrition

Nutrition Careers

Careers in the Paralegal field

Paralegal Careers

Healthcare: Psychiatric Technician Video

Psychiatric Technician Careers

Careers in Real Estate

Real Estate Careers

Careers in Social Media

Social Media Careers

Healthcare: Surgical Technician Video

Surgical Technician Careers

Water & Wastewater Management Careers

Water & Wastewater Management Careers

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